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It's the study and analysis of how the brain functions and the development of the applications or methods to treat brain dysfunction. The main functions of the brain include receiving information, perception of senses, interpretation of information, and being able to respond appropriately to interact with the world. Disruption of any of these functions can cause neurological dysfunction and can greatly impact the quality of life. Functional Neurology harnesses the amazing and resilient power of the brain to generate neuroplasticity – the ability to improve function and the creation of new neuronal pathways. It does this by focusing on improving the function of targeted pathways in the brain using specific brain exercises.  

funCtional neurology - Mitchell, SD

If you're looking for expert neurology care in Mitchell, South Dakota, Dr. Scott has earned his diplomate in Functional Neurology.  Functional Neurology is not a medical discipline; it is an approach to patient care.  It is practiced by thousands of providers worldwide in medicine, chiropractic, and physical therapy.

Board eligibility in Functional Neurology requires a doctorate in a health speciality, a minimum of 350 hours of training and clinic applications.  Once board-eligibile, a candidate can then become accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCAA).  There are more than 700 board-certified Functional Neurology practitioners worldwide and Dr. Scott Mullenmeister is one of them.

What is functional neurology?

Functional Neurology has been shown to be particularly effective for: 

• Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury
• Neurodegenerative Diseases
• Learning and Developmental challenges such as ADHD and Dyslexia
• Pain Syndromes and Migraine Headaches

who can benefit from  functional neurology?

Dr. Scott will do a full functional neurology exam, in addition to tests that include C3 Logix, Saccadometer readings, Motion Guidance Testing, Interactive Metronome work, Neurological vitals and more. 

Diagnostic Testing for functional neurology