Using a combination of techniques including diversified manual adjusting, drop piece, activator, cranial work and applied kinesiology- we determine which technique will best serve each individual patient with a lot of different adjusting tools in our tool box!

Chiropractic Care

functional rehab

For individuals who struggle with chronic pain or are always needing to get adjusted in the same area, our functional rehab program can help overcome these issues. Our functional assessment allows us to create a program specifically for a patient by assessing muscle weakness, unhealthy posture and muscle memory issues, and over firing of specific muscle groups It’s ideal for those people that sit at a desk all day and are developing significant back and neck pain as a result. We then instruct on how to properly exercise muscles without causing further injury. We continuously update, adapt and monitor the plan so that patients can continue with a home exercise program on their own once they progress to that point. Specific exercises, stretches and mobility work can help the body stay in balance and function at optimal performance.

For those people interested in learning how they can optimize their health with diet and supplemental recommendations. This starts with a thorough health history as we identify how to shift the focus from suppression and management of symptoms to addressing underlying causes. We combine what we know about how the body works with individualized, patient-centered care that addresses the cause of chronic diseases such as obesity, blood sugar regulation, heart disease, pain, inflammation, allergies, fatigue, brain fog and more. It is essential for these patients to have a full nutritional history and evaluation based upon an individual’s lifestyle stressors and family history, as well as the analysis of blood, hormones, food sensitivities and genetic testing when necessary. Our belief is that each individual has the ability to feel better and optimize their health, but must be willing to make necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle in order to accomplish this. 

nutritional counseling

It's the study and analysis of how the brain functions and the development of the applications or methods to treat brain dysfunction. The main functions of the brain include receiving information, perception of senses, interpretation of information, and being able to respond appropriately to interact with the world. Disruption of any of these functions can cause neurological dysfunction and can greatly impact the quality of life. Functional Neurology harnesses the amazing and resilient power of the brain to generate neuroplasticity – the ability to improve function and the creation of new neuronal pathways. It does this by focusing on improving the function of targeted pathways in the brain using specific brain exercises.  

funCtional neurology

Functional Neurology is not a medical discipline; it is an approach to patient care.  It is practiced by thousands of providers worldwide in medicine, including: 

• Medical Doctors
• Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine
• Doctors of Chiropractic
• Physical Therapists

Board eligibility in Functional Neurology requires a doctorate in a health speciality, a minimum of 350 hours of training and clinic applications.  Once board-eligibile, a candidate can then become accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCAA).  There are more than 700 board-certified Functional Neurology practitioners worldwide and Dr. Scott Mullenmeister is one of them.

What is functional neurology?

Functional Neurology has been shown to be particularly effective for: 

• Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury
• Neurodegenerative Diseases
• Learning and Developmental challenges such as ADHD and Dyslexia
• Pain Syndromes and Migraine Headaches

who can benefit from  functional neurology?

Dr. Scott will do a full functional neurology exam, in addition to tests that include C3 Logix, Saccadometer readings, Motion Guidance Testing, Interactive Metronome work, Neurological vitals and more. 

Diagnostic Testing for functional neurology

This 33 minute long session allows your brain waves to balance and optimize to increase feelings of calm, focus, and improve performance. This is a fabulous tool for reaching the subconscious aspects of your brain and re-training certain brain wave patterns to function at a more efficient frequency.  Patients report feeling significantly calmer, more relaxed and focused after a session!  These sessions are sold in packages.

neurofeedback/Brain Training